Making Friends

Week 3

Apps on a Budget

You're loving your new iPad but after a few of months, there seems to be more spending on apps than you planned. It's important to take control, start by setting up a monthly budget.

Week 3 will teach to you how to save money without sacrificing quality.

Deals and Giveaways on Paid Apps:


  • The Appy Ladies have a well-organized, awesome list of app giveaways including reviews, descriptions and entry deadlines.
  • Smart Apps for Kids has a section of it's web page dedicated solely to giveaways. You can scroll through and read about which apps might be best before deciding to download.


  • iMums are frequently posting great giveaways on twitter.
  • Fun Educational Apps check out their website and twitter account to find free apps and updates about discount deals and price reductions.

Pro Tip: search "education app giveaway" on Twitter for a list of the most recent giveaways.

Some of Our Favorite Free Apps

Apps in these categories are typically for K-5th graders

Inexpensive, High-Quality Apps

High-quality apps do not need to cost you a great deal of money. Rest assured your child can receive quality apps that don’t break the bank.

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- The Making Friends Team

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