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Week 4

Games for Learning

Digital games are more than just entertainment. Games have the power to engage children with visual and auditory stimuli that capture imagination and attention. Digital games have been shown to help kids improve their: problem-solving skills, spatial reasoning, information gathering, planning, subject specific knowledge including math, science, history and reading.

Week 4 will teach you how to evaluate games for your child and give you strategies to join in on the experience.


Set screen-time boundaries

  • Make sure kids know how much screen time they get. Set boundaries.
  • Create no-screen rooms, like at the dinner table or bedrooms.
  • Some studies show mobile use can be addictive. Check out these 7 Tips on how to curb this behavior.

Monitor content

  • Download age appropriate games for your child.
  • Find video clips of an app on Youtube before you buy.
  • Be a part of your child’s media consumption. Watch or play with them to see if the content is appropriate.
  • Avoid over-stimulating apps - with too many flashes and sounds.

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The Opportunity:

Connect with kids on their level

  • Search Youtube for demos and tutorials of your kid’s favorite games.
  • Check out and Educade to find top education games.

Relate game content, like in MineCraft, to real world concepts like strategizing and planning. And remember, games can be an excellent tool to encourage and reward good behavior.

Gaming is something the whole family can do together. Check out our 5 Key Tips for successful family game nights.

So don't be shy, join in the fun!

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- The Making Friends Team

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