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Week 2

Lay of the Land

By now you've explored some of the iPad's cool features and set it up to be kid-safe. Week 2 will teach you how to you find high-quality apps that are appropriate for your kids.

Apps We Love

Speech & Language

For improving a child's spoken language Articulation Station is a top choice. It's design is award-winning and it's an easy pick for parents who want to motivate their kids to improve some basic language skills.

Price: Free (Letter sound in-app packages cost $2.99-$3.99 each)

Ages: 3+

Kids who are nonverbal or minimally verbal will benefit from ProloQuo2Go. This app turns the iPad into an Augmentative or Alternative Communication (AAC) device. While the price tag is high at $219, it’s much cheaper than older AAC devices that used to cost in the thousands.

Price: Free (Letter sound in-app packages cost $2.99-$3.99 each)

Ages: 3+

*Injini makes one for younger kids called My First AAC and it's $24.99

Behavior Management

Social Stories are a great tool to show kids what type of behavior is appropriate for certain situations before they actually encounter those situations. Kid in Story is an amazing Social Story app that allows you to create and customize stories for your child.

Price: $6.99

Ages: All

iRewardChart is a great tool for parents and educators. Essentially it's a token economy for your digital device that helps you to reward positive behaviors and reduce maladaptive behaviors.

Price: $4.99

Ages: All


Math vs Zombies is a math fluency game that educates as much as it entertains. This promotes a child's ability to mentally compute addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It's incredibly well designed and fun.

Price: Free

Ages: 5-10+

Rainbow Sentences is an excellent app for improving a child's reading and writing abilities. The combination of pictures and colorful clues about how to structure sentences is highly engaging for visual learners.

Price: $7.99

Ages: 3-10+

Critical Thinking

GoGo Games uses trains, cars and spaceships to help kids recognize and create patterns. This can help boost perceptual awareness and problem solving abilities.

Price: $1.99

Ages: 4+

For kids who like robots, patterns and organizing objects CargoBot is a really cool choice. It is challenging however so we recommend this for a slightly older crowd.

Price: Free

Ages: 6+


A company called Sensory App House has created a number of FREE sensory apps to stimulate a number of different sensory needs. This can be particularly helpful as a calming or transition tool for kids who are having a hard time self-regulating.

Price: $1.99

Ages: 4+


The folks at Toca Boca are doing an amazing job with their products. One of our favorite Toca apps is Toca Tailor. It allows kids to play virtual dress-up and stimulates their stylish side.

Price: $2.99

Ages: 3-8+

Draw With Stars is an amazing and simple app. With the tip of a finger kids can draw visually stimulating patterns and shapes in a dark night sky. Total freedom and highly rewarding for kids with sensory needs.

Price: Free

Ages: All

Kid's iTunes App Store is a fantastic new section of the App Store in iOS 7 that caters to the needs of your child! Apple has done a superb job of separating by age level and app genre. To access the new children's app store in iTunes, click on the list of Categories and choose "Kids."

Price: Free

Ages: All

Awesome App-Finding Resources

Lucky for you, there are a lot of websites and organizations that want to help you find exactly which apps you are looking for (including us!).

Teachers With Apps - Teachers that seek the best educational apps for special needs kids

YogiPlay - provides educator-approved app recommendations and a dashboard for monitoring usage. When your kids play educational apps, they can unlock rewards to boost motivation.

Kindertown - is a great starting point to find apps for kids ages 3-8. It lets you define your search by subject, age, device type and price.

This doesn't need to be overwhelming. We suggest checking for new apps about once or twice a week.

So go out there and see what awesome apps are being created for your child's needs!

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- The Making Friends Team

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