Making Friends

Week 6

Ways to Stay Up to Date

It can be pretty overwhelming trying to find and stay up-to-date with apps for your kids. There is a large amount of content out there and we want to help you set up what works best for your needs!

It's important to set realistic expectations so you can manage your time and avoid bombarding yourself with information. Set up a weekly or monthly time when you can read or search a few of resources we’ve listed in this guide.

Week 6 we're going to discuss:

  1. Who to follow on social media for the most recent app reviews
  2. Website/resources you can trust (app reviews/suggestions)
  3. Podcasts/Videos to follow
  4. How/Where to connect with other parents/teachers/etc

Twitter is an incredible resource to find like-minded parents and reviewers. The keyword search (hashtag search) makes for a painless process of locating your specific interest / needs.

Not on Twitter? It's very simple and take less that 2 mins to setup. To create your own Twitter account, check out the process here!

Who to follow on Twitter

Websites/Resources: App Reviews and Suggestions


How/Where to stay up to date

By finding a couple of resources that best fit your needs when staying up-to-date with apps, the process can become less overwhelming and more helpful!

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- The Making Friends Team

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